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A woman was arrested after going on a drunken 4 hour rampage on an Etihad airplane asking men to join the “Mile High Club.”

The woman was drunk on red wine and had caused a scene asking men to have sex with her while in the air.  When the airplane staff cut her off from anymore alcohol she went berserk!  It took 6 staff members and passengers to stop and restain her while she bit, elbowed, and headbutted them.

She was immediately arrested upon landing.


Jailed: Woman who tried to get men to 'join mile high club' on Etihad jet

A woman has been jailed over a drunken four-hour rampage on a holiday jet after she asked male passengers to join her in the ''mile high club'' as the plane cruised at 30,000 feet. Demi Burton, 20, had already shocked two men by making crude comments about them having mid air sex during an eight hour flight whilst she was intoxicated on red wine.