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A woman from Seattle says she received an offensive message on her missed delivery slip when a home improvement store attempted to deliver a refrigerator. 

When the woman found the note, that said the date and time the delivery attempt was made along with an acronym, she was offended and contacted customer service.  The store is now investigating this situation but are claiming that the meaning behind the acronym was “SEE YOU NEXT TIME”


The woman was not buying that explanation and doesn’t believe that anyone else would.


Profane note left on missed Home Depot delivery slip in Seattle

SEATTLE - A Seattle woman says she was frightened by a profane note left on her door after missing a Home Depot delivery. Lara Zarowsky missed a Friday delivery to her new home in Seattle. The note left behind by the driver included the date and time of the missed delivery, along with a word or acronym that she said was offensive.