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An airline forced a woman who was wearing a “Hail Satan” shirt to change her shirt or get off the plane.

At first the woman thought it was a joke but it was not.  The flight crew said that her shirt was offensive and the plane was delayed from traveling to Nevada from Florida until she complied.  The woman also said that the flight crew avoided making eye contact and did not serve her when the drink cart came around.

The “Hail Satan” shirt was worn to be ironic and had nothing to do with worshipping Satan, it was connected to the Satanic Temple which is a atheist organization that is about separation of church and state.


Airline Forces Woman Wearing "Hail Satan" Shirt To Either Change or Get Off The Plane

Satanism is an officially recognized religion in the United States, but it was too far for one American Airlines crew, who forced a passenger to change her shirt if she wanted to remain on the flight. Buzzfeed News reports 49-year-old Swati Runi Goyal was on a flight from Florida to Nevada on October 30th.