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A 20 year old polyamorous woman found out she’s pregnant by one of her FOUR partners after they all went on a vacation together. 

She fell in love with four of her long-term mutual friends and has been in an open relationship with them for around 3-years.  They live in the same house and all of her partners have their own bedrooms but swap in and out of her bed each night.

After a recent trip together she got pregnant and they now plan to raise the baby as a family.


Polyamorous woman, 20, who has FOUR partners is pregnant

Tory Ojeda, 20, from Jacksonville, Florida, lives with three of her four partners Met Marc, 18, at school and started relationship with Travis, 23, two months later Also found love with their long-term friends Ethan, 22, and Christopher, 22 Tory and Chris found out that they were pregnant in May, while she got engaged to Travis in July A polyamorous woman has fallen pregnant by one of her four partners after they went away together - but says they will raise the baby as a 'family'.