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Tens of thousands of products will be on sale on Black Friday . . . and this JUST might be the strangest.

One of the items on sale at Costco is a three-person SAUNA.  Yeah, it’s just like a giant box you put . . . somewhere?  In their website photo, it’s just sitting in someone’s living room and looks absurdly out of place. You can get it for $1,400, which is $800 off.  And good news:  It’s one of their early Black Friday sales, so you can get it right now.


Costco's 3-person sauna may be the most WTF Black Friday deal we've seen so far

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. TL;DR: This oddly-sized three-person sauna will be $800 off at Costco for Black Friday, dropping the price to $1,399.99 for those with a Costco membership. (Not a member? Sign up here .)