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Florida deputies went to the home of a suspect wanted in an armed robbery of a retail store.  It was early in the morning when officers arrived at the suspects home and when they found him he was wearing a mud mask.

The suspect was wanted for leaving through an emergency exit of a retail store with a cart full of merchandise then holding a victim at gunpoint in the parking lot.  They recovered his fingerprints at the retail location and were able to track him down.  He was arrested and taken to jail still wearing the mask on his face.

Sarasota County (FL) Sheriff's Office

There's no shame in his game, so there's no shame in ours. Deputie... s interrupted 23-year-old Trentin Richardson early this morning, who was apparently exfoliating, to arrest him for armed robbery. See, early Monday Richardson held a man at gunpoint while stealing merchandise from an Osprey retail store.


Sarasota deputies go to armed robbery suspect's house, find him wearing mud mask

Deputies went to a robbery suspect's house to arrest him -- only to apparently interrupt his exfoliating session. The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office identified 23-year-old Trentin Richardson as their suspect in an armed robbery of a retail store in Osprey on Monday, after finding his fingerprints at the scene.