A Russian bodybuilder who has been dubbed “Popeye” due to his massively HUGE biceps almost died and may be at risk of losing his arms.

The body builder was being poisoned by petroleum jelly implants he had surgically inserted.  A surgeon had to remove 3 lbs. of the petroleum jelly and still has a lot more to take out likely requiring 3 more surgeries.  The bodybuilder is lucky that the issue has stay in his arms and has not spread to any other parts of his body.


Surgeons cut pounds of petroleum jelly out of 'Popeye' bodybuilder's biceps

He is who he is - until he isn't. A Russian bodybuilder dubbed "Popeye" for his disproportionately large biceps nearly died as a result of the poisonous petroleum jelly injections in his arms. Kirill Tereshin, 23, is recovering from surgery to remove synthol oil and "dead" muscle tissue from his arms. The substance in the bodybuilder's enormous, 24-inch guns caused pain, fever and illness.