On Monday night during the MSNBC program Hard Ball, host Chris Matthews was talking with California Rep. Eric Swalwell.  In the middle of the interview Swalwell appeared to have ripped an enormous fart!

It appears that he even pauses and leans for a moment to release the gigantic toot. Swalwell is currently claiming he did not cut the cheese, but you can listen for yourself.  Someone recorded a little clip and tweeted it out (you can see below) or a lengthier clip can be found at the link below the video. MSNBC is claiming that someone moved a mug along a table to accidentally create the sound.



So, Uh, Did Someone Just Loudly Fart Live on MSNBC?

If you were watching Hardball with Chris Matthews tonight, chances are you giggled like a schoolchild roughly three minutes in. Why? Because in the middle of Matthews interviewing Congressman Eric Swalwell about impeachment and the testimony so far against the president, viewers could very clearly make out a rather loud fart noise.