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BRISTOL, UNITED KINGDOM - DECEMBER 6: Bernie and Denise Lumsden pose with their festive decorations and lights inside their home in Bristol, December 6 2006 in Bristol, England. Chancellor Gordon Brown said in his pre-budget report that he wanted to curb CO2 emissions from houses, which account for 30% of all releases. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

The holiday season is approaching. Have you decked the halls yet? Or are you waiting until after you’ve carved the turkey?


You know how it is: the day after Halloween, the stores are rolling out their holiday wares and folks start posting their Christmas trees in your Facebook feed. Are those folks the outliers? Or is that becoming the norm? All I want for Christmas is to know the score.


So cast your vote below, then hit the ROCK 92.9 Facebook or Twitter and sound off. ‘Tis the season for exterior illumination and interior decoration.