Earlier this month a billboard for an adult video game was put up in Tokyo, Japan.  The billboard was for a game title translated to be “More! Conception! Blazing Boobs Super Erotic *Heart Mark* App Academy!” and the billboard featured 10 anime women with very large breasts in revealing attire.

You can see the billboard below.

The billboard authority of Japan deemed that the advertisement violated a regulation related to raising a child in a wholesome environment.  The billboard has been replaced with a Yu-Gi-Oh! advertisement.


Adult Game Billboard Removed In Akihabara For Being Too Lewd

On November 1, a billboard went up in Tokyo's Akihabara near the station. The advertisement featured about ten anime-style young women in revealing clothing. Besides the complaints, the billboard did not conform to regulations regarding public advertisements. Editor's note: This article contains imagery some readers might find objectionable.