Have you been looking for a feel-good Billie Joe Armstrong story about reaching out to a fan back in the ’90s via a VHS tape? Then today just got magical.

Reddit user u/jmsmnn shared the following story about how Armstrong sent her a VHS tape thanking her for her fan letter after he tried calling her on the phone only to be hung up on, because she thought it was a prank:

“In 1996 Billie Joe Armstrong took time to call my wife when she was 15. She would send him letters often. One day he called her house to thank her. Being a young girl from a small town, she couldn’t believe it was really him so she assumed it was a prank call and hung up on him. His wife immediately called back to try to convince her it was real. She hung up on her too. A week or so later a package showed up with a video in it. In the video he held up the letters she had sent him and thanked her for them…I’ve never been a huge fan of Green Day’s music, but I really respect Billie Joe for being so good to his fans, and I take her to see them every time they come to Michigan.”

He even shared a clip of the VHS tape via Instagram and stated in the caption, “She still guards this VHS tape with her life.”

Frankly, who could blame her?!


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