Let this be a lesson on wearing the proper safety equipment.  A teenage LaCrosse player is going to be in recovery for a while after taking a high speed pass to the groin without wearing a cup!

After visiting a doctor due to bad groin pain, he underwent a medical scan that revealed he had ‘fractured’ both of his testicles and required surgery.


Lacrosse player has testicles 'fractured' when he didn't wear a cup

The 17-year-old returned to the pitch to finish the game despite 'significant pain' At home that evening the pain in his genitals got worse and he went to hospital Doctors did scans and found both his testicles were 'fractured' They operated to repair the outer layers of the organs inside the scrotum A teenage lacrosse player fractured both his testicles and needed surgery after the ball hit him in the groin.