Fred Durst has a guest spot in a new 30-ad for CarMax, and it’s pretty damn funny.

The ad shows a mother driving around in an older car running various errands, including dropping her children off at school, all while Limp Bizkit’s “Nookie” is blaring. You’re not sure why that is until a voiceover chimes in saying, “You’d do anything to get rid of this car, but who’d buy it with a CD change that’s stuck playing Limp Bizkit over and over and over?”

The mother then comes face-to-face with Durst, who’s carrying a grocery bag through an intersection, and even he kind of can’t believe what he’s hearing.

Not sure which ad agency pitched this idea, but it’s definitely a great one, and good on Durst for being a good sport and appearing in the ad.

CD Changer - CarMax Commercial Why did it take so long? Why did you wait so long, huh? To figure it out. That CarMax will buy any car. We might not sell it, we're super picky about the cars we sell. But we'll buy ANY car. Even ones that only blast Limp Bizkit.

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