Russell Crowe is a long way from his “Gladiator” physique. He was recently photographed at a Sydney airport sporting a much fuller figure.  He has put on quite a bit of weight to prepare for a role in his next film where he plays a psychotic stalker.

Unfortunately he was photographed during a candid moment where he had his hand down the back of his pants. We can’t tell if he was having a wardrobe malfunction or if he was picking his ass?!?


Russell Crowe readjusts his pants at Sydney Airport

Russell Crowe is known for his commitment to his craft. And the 55-year-old actor appears to have gained a significant amount of weight for his latest film, Unhinged, in which he plays a psychotic stalker. He showed off his fuller figure at Sydney Airport on Sunday, September 22, alongside his friend, Britney Theriot.