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November 8, 1975. Nine months after their sophomore release, Queen turns out another new album, and takes things in a new direction.


I come back to this theme a lot when talking about rock bands who were active in the 1970s: they were so damn prolific. Two albums in one year? That’s unheard of in 2019, or at the very least very rare. In the 70s, it was standard operating procedure for bands like Queen.


And it’s not like Queen was pumping out clunkers. Sheer Heart Attack is considered by many as the first “classic” Queen album: they didn’t outright ditch their progressive roots, but they augmented the prog with a bit of rock and a bit of pop and ended up with a fine bit of work.


Get back with a pair of tracks below, and make some time to revisit the album if you haven’t in awhile. You might be surprised by how much you missed it.