I now pronounce you Stoner and Stoner. You may now hit your bongs!

With recreational marijuana becoming legal in a number of states, it’s become normal for weed to become more openly part of many people’s everyday life, but this couple based in Santa Cruz, Calif. took things a step further when they incorporated marijuana into their wedding.

Instagram user CoralReefer420, who’s also a glass artist by trade, shared photos from her wedding which see her and her new husband each taking hits from Mr. and Mrs. bongs. The photo below is captioned, “To have and to toke, forever and ever,” which is pretty clever and kind of perfect.


The couple’s wedding photos have since gone viral, with CoralReefer420 sharing in the photo below, “It’s been almost two weeks since we got married and now our wedding photos have been shared on Facebook almost 30,000 times! I’m so thankful we celebrated our day exactly how we wanted to, including the RV where we got 10 minutes alone after the ceremony to smoke up before inviting our guests on board as well.”

Here’s to the newlyweds and lifetime of tokiness…I mean happiness!


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