A speech pathologist in San Diego named Christina Hunger created a soundboard that helps her communicate with her dog.  The board is on the floor and it has over 20 “sound buttons” that the dog can step on to let her know what it wants.

The dog tells her when she wants to eat, go outside, take a nap . . . things like that.  Christina says the dog knows at least 29 words, and even combines up to five words at a time to make a phrase or sentence.


The Hunger4Words Instagram page has several clips of the dog “talking” to her.




Dog Learning to Talk By Using a Custom Soundboard to Speak: 'I'm in Constant Amazement'

Many dog parents already know their pets communicate with them, but what EXACTLY are they trying to say? A speech-language pathologist with an 18-month-old dog is working to find out, and she's already discovered that her dog Stella can literally tell her things - like she's tired after playing and now would like a nap, or that instead of playing at this moment she would prefer to eat, and that she would like to go outside, specifically to the park.