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This video blew up yesterday.  It’s an angry road rage woman that the Internet is calling “Kidz Bop Karen.”  It starts with “Karen” poking her head in the passenger side window of a car that she says almost hit her kids. 

It’s an Uber or Lyft, and the driver apologizes, but she says that’s NOT what upset her.  She’s mad at the passenger in the back seat who’s filming the whole thing.  Karen feels the passenger disrespected her and she wants an apology. But she couldn’t be more obnoxious about it.  She’s making weird, angry faces and swearing.  So the passenger reminds “Karen” that her kids are close enough to hear it.  Her response?  Quote, “My kids can’t hear me calling you a [B-word].  They can’t hear me because they’re listening to Kidz Bop.”