A guy on vacation in Australia ordered a PROSTITUTE this weekend . . . but when she didn’t match the description, he tried to get her to leave.

And he intentionally set off the sprinkler system and FLOODED an entire floor of the apartment building to try to get her out.  He was hit with a $1,500 fine.


Tourist flooded an apartment as he tried to get rid of a sex worker

Christopher Foley, 28, was holidaying on the Gold Coast when he met the woman The pair 'engaged in some adult services' before Foley became 'frustrated' CCTV footage captured Foley deliberately setting off the fire sprinkler system Foley tried to get a refund as the sex worker 'was not as per the description' A New Zealand tourist flooded an apartment and set off the fire alarms in a desperate bid to make a sex worker leave his room because he was 'frustrated' by the adult service he booked.