This Sunday, we fall back.

It’s Daylight Saving Time and we get an extra hour on this one day.

The question is how should we spend it? Should we sleep more or get up and accomplish some tasks?

Most experts say you will be better off getting that extra hour of sleep on Sunday.

“We live in a society where the CDC considers sleep deprivation to be a public health epidemic,” Dr. Nate Watson, a professor of neurology at the University of Washington School of Medicine and co-director of the school’s sleep center, tells CNN affiliate KEZI.

“Easily a third of individuals are not getting the recommended seven or more hours of sleep on a nightly basis, which is necessary to support optimal health. So taking that into consideration, I would recommend that people use that hour [from the time change] to get additional sleep.”

With most people not getting the recommended amount of sleep, this is the perfect time to catch up.