Dave Grohl is bringing his whimsical energy to an upcoming episode of the Nick Jr. show Ryan’s Mystery Playdate.

Nick Jr.’s Facebook page shared the video below of Grohl filming his appearance on the show where he said, “My daughter has been watching the show constantly, so it’s like meeting a real rockstar. I’m not the rockstar here, Ryan is.”

Pretty sure Dave is still a rockstar in this situation, but the fact that he’s pretty much doing the show because his daughter is a fan is so cool.

Nick Jr | NEW Ryan's Mystery Playdate With Dave Grohl

Hi everybody. I'm Dave Groh. I'm a rock and roll musician but this is kinda the coolest thing yet. My daughter has been watching the show constantly, so it's like meeting a real rock star. I'm not the rock star. Ryan is hope he's ready to rock cuz that's what I came to do.


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