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There’s an extreme sport that’s popular in Norway called Death Diving.  You dive from at least 10 meters . . . which is 32.8 feet . . .  and spread your arms and legs out like an “X” for as long as possible before hitting the water.

Well, a video is making the rounds of a guy doing an 89-foot death dive off a container crane and into the icy waters next to a pier.  According to the post, it’s the “highest death dive ever captured on video.”


Man Dives 89 Feet from Container Crane

Occurred on October 16, 2019 / Østfold, Norway Info from Licensor: "This man does a death dive from a 27 meter (89 feet) high container crane. This is the highest death dive ever captured on video. The jump was done to promote a water sports festival being hosted in Moss, Norway in 2020."