In case you haven’t seen this yet:  There’s a family in Wayne, New Jersey that posted a 24-minute video where they take you on a tour of their Halloween display.  And it’s so massive that most of it is filmed from their car as they’re driving around.

It’s almost like a free theme park, which is kind of what they’re going for.  They include their address and hours, and they talk about where to park . . . and make sure you know that the display looks completely different at night.

In all, there are 218 inflatables spread all over the place.  There’s also a place set up for kids to write letters to the “Great Pumpkin.”

On Halloween there will be people dressed as horror characters, plus “1,500 candy sacks” for the trick-or-treaters.

DAYTIME VIDEO 396 FAIRFIELD ROAD... - Martorana Christmas House, Wayne NJ

DAYTIME VIDEO 396 FAIRFIELD ROAD WAYNE, NJ 07470 Hi Everyone Here is the Daytime video Inflatables are up Daily 8am - 12 Midnight Lights 4pm - 12...