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Florida deputies arrested a woman accused of setting a man’s tent on fire while he was asleep inside of it.

According to reports the woman started a fire at the entrance of the man’s tent with him inside. The fire woke him up and he attempted to use water jugs he had inside to put out the fire.  While on the phone with 911 the woman jumped on the mans back and stole his phone, fleeing on foot.

She was found, arrested and charged with and charged with burglary and battery.

Woman arrested for setting fire to man's tent while he slept, Pasco deputies say

HUDSON, Fla. (WFLA) - The Pasco Sheriff's Office arrested a woman who is suspected of trying to burn down a man's tent while he was asleep inside it. Kellie Ann Barrett, 49, was arrested Tuesday evening in Hudson and charged with burglary with simple battery.