SAN FRANCISCO - APRIL 21: Freshly baked loaves of sourdough bread are displayed at Boudin Bakery April 21, 2008 in San Francisco, California. Boudin, the oldest continuously operating business in San Francisco and the original Sourdough French bread maker is being forced to raise prices on its popular sourdough bread as the cost of flour has nearly tripled in the past year due to high wheat prices caused by strong worldwide demand and increased price speculation. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

There was a recent case study done that determines that there are people who can get drunk from eating carbs. People explains that Auto-brewery syndrome “causes someone to become drunk without consuming alcohol due to excessive fermentation in the gut.” This recently happened to a man studied in this case.

The 46-year-old was arrested for drunk driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.2 percent. His aunt, who had heard of a situation like this before, bought the man a Breathalyzer to track his levels. He was eventually able to prove his innocence.

Through tests, they were able to figure out that his condition was most likely caused after a 2011 thumb injury. The antibiotics he was given altered his digestive tract. Since discovering his problem, the man has been able to repair his intestinal microbiome using probiotics, adjusting his diet, and occasionally checking BAC levels.