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The whiskey brand Glenlivet just released a new product that’s, basically, alcoholic Tide Pods . . . they’re one-inch gel capsules that are filled with about half a shot’s worth of whiskey.  For now they’re only in the U.K., but Glenlivet strongly suggested they could work their way to the U.S. soon.


The Glenlivet's 'Capsule Collection' Is Sort of Like Gushers, but Whisky

People have likely been drinking Scotch whisky for over five hundred years. But eating Scotch whisky in capsules made from seaweed? Yeah, that's only been happening for a day or so. Speyside distillery The Glenlivet-the world's second best-selling brand of Scotch-has unveiled its "Capsule Collection," described as "glassless cocktails" that are instead served in a casing produced from seaweed-extract, billed as "one of nature's most renewable resources."