Mick Jagger is 76 and still entertaining the masses, but there once was a time when he thought he’d be retired from the stage by the age of 60.

Laurence Myers was The Rolling Stones‘ accountant early in their career, and he recalled in an interview with U.K.’s The Sun that Jagger talked to him about setting up a retirement fund.

“The Rolling Stones had early success but they weren’t making any money,” said Myers. “I did their 1964 tour accounts and they made nothing from it. One day Mick and I were talking about a variety of things and pensions came up. He said, ‘Pensions, maybe I should think about it? I won’t be singing Rock ‘n’ Roll when I’m sixty.’ Who knew back then what we know now?”

Considering Jagger’s net worth is estimated at $360 million and the Stones’ “No Filter” tour grossed $415.6 million, he likely doesn’t have to really worry about a pension anymore.

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