Serious props need to go out to Australia’s own Anthony Bayer. Back in his high school days, he was weighing in at close to 350- pounds. The lowest point was when he was punked before prom when a girl said she’d go with him…only to reject him after he pulled up in a limo.

Now, Bayer is 26 and has done some serious diet modification, is working out – and has dropped 132-of those extra ell-bees. He’s looking so good these days that the same bitch who bullied him looked him up on Instagram, somehow got his number, and asked him out. To Bayer’s credit, he didn’t even reply. As he puts it, “I’ll forgive, but never forget.”


Man Asked Out By Woman Who Used To Bully Him After Losing 60kg

A man has been asked out on a date by a woman who used to bully him after losing 60kg - presumably leaving him about as proud and smug as a guy can be. Anthony Bayer, from the Gold Coast, Australia, used to weigh 24st 10lbs (157kg) and struggled to fit into size 42 trousers and 3XL shirts.