Sex involves a lot of, well, fluids.  So after you’re done getting-it-on, you’re left dealing with all of those fluids.

That’s why a woman named Frances Tang in Costa Mesa, California invented a product called “Come&Gone” . . . a special sponge on a stick designed for women to do some internal cleaning after sex. The instructions say, quote, “Just grab the handle, insert, swirl, remove, and toss.”  If you’re interested, a 10-pack of the sponges costs $10.


You can now buy a special spongy tool to make the post-sex clean up a bit easier

A SPONGE designed to "clean up" bodily fluids after sex now exists. It's certainly not sexy, but most women will be familiar with the messy and somewhat undignified dash to the bathroom to freshen up after sex. In a bid to make life easier and less messy, the "come&gone" sponge promises to "quickly mop up all excess fluids" in minutes.