D. Razumilov is suing Apple because he claims the iPhone “turned him gay.” He says a cryptocurrency app got him “mired in same-sex relationships” – and he’s looking for $15K in damages.

According to Razumilov, he received “69 gay coins” from a cryptocurrency app that came with a note that translated to, “don’t judge without trying.” So he did. Fast forward two months later, he’s got a steady boyfriend, but doesn’t know how to tell his parents, and can’t get out of his man-love trap. He says Apple “pushed him towards homosexuality.”


iPhone user sues Apple after claiming device turned him gay

An iPhone user is suing Apple after claiming an app on his phone turned him gay. The plaintiff, identified only as D Razumilov, argues he became "mired in same-sex relationships" this summer after getting involved in a cryptocurrency app. He is seeking one million rubles (£12,459) in damages, the Moscow Times reported.