A woman from Oregon quit her job so she spend her time spoiling her husband.  The 30-year-old woman left her stressful job in the payroll department  and decided to live life like a 1950’s housewife.  She lays out her husband’s clothes each morning and makes him lunch because she believes that ‘men should be spoiled by their wives.’  The rest of her day is filled with cooking, cleaning, and typically has dinner ready for her husband when he arrives home from work.


Woman quits her job to lay out her husband's clothes each morning and make him a packed lunch because 'men should be spoilt by their wives'

A WOMAN has given up her job to lay out her husband's clothes every morning and make him packed lunches. Katrina Holte, 30, decided to live like a 1950's housewife after becoming stressed out by her busy job in a payroll department.