Rock in Rio over the weekend featured a number of major rock acts, including Weezer who performed the Nirvana classic “Lithium” as part of their set.

Foo Fighters were also on the bill that night, and Dave Grohl happened to hear Weezer’s cover performance. Before launching into “Big Me,” Grohl said, “Tonight I’m gonna dedicate this one to Weezer. I was backstage and I heard Weezer play the ‘Lithium’ song. I gotta be honest, I cried a little bit. I did! I miss playing that song. I miss it, so I’m happy to hear Weezer play it again. So this one goes out to the sweet Weezer.” (WARNING: Some Grohl cursing in the video ahead.)

Per Consequence of Sound, Grohl also told the Rock in Rio crowd, “We go home next week and we start making a new Foo Fighters record.”


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