A couple from Ecuador passed away after falling from a third floor balcony during a house party. 

The 28-year old woman and her 35-year-old lover fell off the balcony while getting it on outside.  This all went down during a graduation party that the woman was throwing at her residence. Police are currently investigating the situation but according to reports from the media it sounds like the lovers were unaware of the height of the balcony wall and fell over it while in the middle of a VERY passionate love making session.


Naked couple fall to their death while having sex

The woman, 28, and the man, 35, were found sprawled on neighbouring terrace It happened after a graduation party at the woman's home in Quito, Ecuador A relative of the woman has revealed she leaves behind an eight-year-old girl A naked man and woman have plunged to their deaths from a third-floor balcony after rolling over the edge during sex.