Steve Whitehurst is a real stud. How do we know? While recently shopping at a menswear store, he was stopped by security staff because of what they saw as a “suspicious bulge” in the front of his pants.

When confronted, Steve tried to explain that he was wearing tight jeans and that’s just how he was built…they didn’t buy it. So, he dropped trou to show he had nothing to hide. That wasn’t enough for the store manager…because his boxer-bump was still a cause for concern. To end the discussion once and for all, Steve went for the full monty with a male security guard. So, as of now, all Whitehurst is guilty of is having a massive wang!


Man accused of shoplifting but bulge in his jeans was just 10in penis

A MAN was accused of shoplifting after staff saw a suspicious bulge in his jeans - but it turned out to be his 10in todger. Window fitter Steve Whitehurst, 47, showed security his member after a female manager raised the alarm.