The box office and catalog success of Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman will likely lead to many more music biopics in the coming years. But who could be next?

Led Zeppelin, considering their legend, is a great idea for a biopic subject, but and according to Jimmy Page, the possibility has been broached.

The guitarist told the Daily Mail, “It’s been discussed. There are always people trying to make money out of Led Zeppelin. In Siberia and LA, there’s probably a meeting going on right now.”

Page, despite spending a significant part of the past five years promoting the massive reissue campaign of the entire Led Zeppelin catalog, doesn’t seem keen to have a biopic on the band, despite the evidence of the money it could potentially bring in.

“What would I want to do a film for?” said Page. “Listen to the albums — it’s all on there.”

Perhaps Page isn’t interesting in a biopic, per se, but he’s clearly not against all film projects. Back in May, Led Zeppelin confirmed an authorized documentary featuring new interview with Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones was in post-production. The documentary would cover the band’s early musical history in the 1960s, their initial meeting and would end with the release of Led Zeppelin II. So far, no release details have been announced for the film.


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