That painting of Channing Tatum we talked about last week just sold for $6,600 on eBay.  I know what you’re thinking:  “Must be some painting, right?”  Well, yeah, it’s decent enough.  But that wasn’t the big selling point.

What REALLY drove the price up is the fact that Channing’s SACK is clearly visible.  See, the artist decided to depict him with NO PANTS.


His leg is positioned so that you don’t see the twig . . . but the BERRIES are on full display.


A painting of Channing Tatum's scrotum sold for more than $6,000

It's totally normal to watch Magic Mike and wonder if Channing Tatum is, by himself, a work of art. Now, thanks to one gorgeous and definitely NSFW painting of the actor, one lucky bidder will get to have him-too much of him, perhaps?-hanging on their wall.