A 41-year old man from the UK recently underwent an emergency surgery to save his donger!

The British man was visiting a friend in France when he suddenly developed an erection.  There was nothing sexual taking place and he had no reason to be aroused.  After 19 hours he went to a medical clinic where they injected him an anti-inflammatory to try to get his woody to go down.

That didn’t work and his arousal had now become painful.  After 36 hours he rushed to a hospital where doctors had to perform a surgery to drain the blood from his johnson and save it.


Man undergoes surgery to alleviate erection that lasted for 36 hours: 'They said my penis would die'

A 41-year-old United Kingdom man is getting very candid about an experience that nearly cost him his manhood. Elliott Rossiter, of Bristol, England, told South West News Service (SWNS), a British news agency, that he was visiting friends in France when he suddenly developed an erection.