Ghost dropped a new track today called “Kiss The Go-Goat,” and its video serves as a unique origin story for Papa Nihil and Sister Imperator.

The video opens with Papa Nihil complaining about the leadership of Cardinal Copia to Sister Imperator, and it then flashes back to Ghost circa the 1960s performing “Kiss The Go-Goat” on the stage of The Whisky A Go Go. The track is presented as a sort of lost Ghost track that Papa Nihil wants to “re-release” in honor of its 50th anniversary, since that’s when he fronted the band, which is a beyond clever way to frame the style of the song itself and the on-going story and concept around Ghost.

“Kiss the Go-Goat” will be released along with another new track, “Mary On A Cross,” as part of a limited-edition 7″ single on September 27. The single will also be part of the limited deluxe collector’s edition of Prequelle titled Prequelle Exalted that available for pre-order here.


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