An Indian woman making a meal with her pressure cooker is now blind in one eye after the whistle attached to the cooker shot off and lodged into her skull.

The woman set the cooker on the stove and went outside to do some household work.  She didn’t hear the whistle for the pressure cooker over the equipment she was using outside, when she came in to take the pressure cooker off the stove an hour later the steam caused the whistle to burst and hit her right in the face.  The whistle was jammed into her skull near her brain and was lodged so deeply it was not visible from the outside.


Pressure cooker whistle shoots off, lodges into woman's skull

An Indian woman is blinded in one eye after the whistle attached to a pressure cooker shot off the cooking device and lodged into her skull. The horrific accident happened as Munda Birsi, 57, was making a meal with her pressure cooker on Sept. 4.