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Since debuting with the Blue Album in 1994, Weezer have spent a quarter-century as one of the most enduring bands in rock. And that’s almost miraculous.


Picking through this recent Rolling Stone piece on The Strange Birth and Near Death of Weezer, I found some real gems:

– Rivers Cuomo flunked out of the Guitar Institute of Technology.

– 90s alt stalwarts Pavement and Urge Overkill didn’t care for Weezer when they first debuted.

– “Sliver” from Nirvana’s Bleach is the song that set Rivers on the path toward forming Weezer.

– Drummer Pat Wilson once lived in a garage with no running water and had to poop in a bag.


Dig into the piece for more early Weez-dom. And travel back in time 25 years with one of the best clips from their debut album.