Apparently we’ve reached the point where the “pineapple on pizza” debate has inspired people to try even LESS natural fruits on pizza.  Like this guy . . .A guy posted on Reddit recently about how he likes putting WATERMELON on his pizza.  And he shared a story about how he served it to a friend who wanted nothing to do with seeing a pizza ruined that way.  If you want to make it yourself, he says he cooks the pizza without the watermelon until it’s almost done . . . then he puts it on for the last few minutes.

r/AmItheAsshole - AITA for putting watermelon on a pizza?

I like watermelon on pizza. I was asked to do it on a dare and I really liked it. So I put watermelon on my pizza now. Never had any problems aside from people calling me crazy, until a few hours ago. I invited my friend, John, over for pizza a few weeks ago.