A man tried to use a metal nut as a sexual aide and paid the price!

The unnamed 34-year-old man put the metal nut on penis and got it lodged at the base of his shaft. By the time he decided to seek medical help he had developed a fever and his genitals had accumulated an excessive amount of fluids in the tissues.

Doctors had to use a diamond cutting disc to get the nut off and the man was hospitalized for 5 days.  A suffered a couple cuts from the nut removal but so far has made a complete recovery.


Man Forced To Go To Hospital After Getting Metal Nut Stuck On 'Strangulated' Penis

It's a perfectly natural thing for people to explore their bodies. It's an important step in learning what you like, what you don't like and what your limitations are for certain things. But naturally, while some people look at limitations as big STOP signs, others look at it as more of a SLOW sign.