Adam 12

11am - 4pm

A bit of a different vibe as we do it live for this week’s installment of Summertime ROCK.


Every Friday this summer, I’ve been adding to my list of albums that are best listened to in the warmer months. This week, a listener suggested throwing Live At Leeds by The Who on the list. An absolute classic. I’m all for it.


But why stop there? Live At Leeds got me thinking about other live albums with a summertime vibe, and the first place my brain went was to the Ramones. Loco Live, recorded live in Barcelona, Spain and released in 1991, was wedged in the tape deck of my 1985 Chevrolet Monte Carlo for an entire summer when I was in high school. It’s quintessential.


And what would a list of summer albums be without some surf rock? Not a summer goes by where I don’t throw on Live In Japan ’65 while cruising to and from the beach. The Ventures are the all-time kings of summer.


There’s still plenty of summer left, so check back next week for more Summertime ROCK.