If you remember the guy we talked about last October that got naked and jumped into the shark tank at Ripley Aquarium in Toronto…well he’s making the news again.

David Weaver is accused of stripping naked and jumping into a large shark tank at Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto and he is expected to appear in court and plead guilty to the mischief charges.

Here’s the NSFW Video of when it happened!

Degenerate takes a dip in shark tank at Ripley's Aquarium

Man in video is also wanted for assault causing bodily harm in an unrelated incident the same day. Know who this is? Report to the Toronto police. Video may be used by any media entities that wish to do so *with compensation for rights to publish*.



Man accused of swimming naked in shark tank expected to plead guilty to mischief | CBC News

A British Columbia man accused of swimming naked in a shark tank at a Toronto aquarium is expected to plead guilty to mischief in that incident next month. David Weaver, of Nelson, B.C., was arrested and charged in October of last year, four days after the alleged incident.