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We’ve had Beastie Boys on the brain this summer, what with 30 years of Paul’s Boutique and 15 years of To The 5 Boroughs.


All that to say, it felt like the right time to revisit SPIN’s 1998 Oral History of the Beastie Boys. And this time around, three pretty cool facts jumped out:


  • It wasn’t MCA, Ad-Rock or Mike D who named the band: it was former founding member John Berry who came up with “Beastie Boys.”
  • Before joining the band, Ad-Rock covered Beastie Boys songs with his band The Young and the Useless
  • Legendary producer Rick Rubin was an actual Beastie Boy–the band’s first DJ–before helming the mixing board with the band in studio.


Click here to take a spin through the entire SPIN oral history.