A guy named Mark Rosenthal runs an exotic animal rescue center in Michigan called Animal Magic.  And one of his videos racked up tons of hits recently.  It’s an exotic bird in a pet carrier, and it sounds exactly like a crying baby.

He puts it in the pet carrier when he travels . . . but it gets him in trouble because people think there’s a baby inside.

In another video, Nico is having a temper tantrum.  It cries AND talks and cries some more . . . just like an upset little kid.  Mark tries to reason with it, but there’s no use.  If you weren’t seeing it for yourself, you’d swear it was a little kid having a fit.


Nico the crying parrot is back! This time she's been a 'good bird'

Nico the famous crying parrot is back to her old tricks of sobbing for attention. The clip, filmed in Belleville Michigan on July 15, shows the moment her owner Mark asks why she's crying, she answers "I'm a good bird". Mark asks Nico what's wrong, "I'm a good boy!"