A couple of companies are getting into the cooling underwear game.  The first is from Polar Products, a company leading the fight against boob sweat with freezable bra inserts.

You simply place the inserts in the freezer for about an hour and ladies can keep their ta-ta’s cool and comfortable for up to 2 hours.


A cure for summer boob sweat? Bra ice packs

Ice, ice, boobies. Polar Products, a company that specializes in hot and cold therapy, is fighting the dreaded summer boob sweat with freezable bra inserts. Called Cool58 Bra Coolers, these mini ice packs for the twins resemble the silicone chicken cutlets women don for special-occasion curves.

Men won’t feel left out this summer either.  A company called snowballs has developed some freezable underwear to help keep the undercarriage cool.



'Snowballs' freezable underwear is helping men cool off this summer

From setting sprays to chafing balm, ladies have a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to handling the heatwave. But now men have found something to help them out on scorching hot days - freezable pants. Over on Amazon, a brand called Snowballs Underwear is selling "scientifically-backed cooling underwear".