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FLAMINGO, FL - AUGUST 12: The body of a female mosquito fills up and balloons as she sucks blood from a photographer's hand at Everglades National Park August 12, 2002 in Flamingo, Florida. The female bugs use the blood protein to feed their eggs then lays the eggs in water. The itch from the bite is caused by the human body's immune system responding to the mosquito's saliva. During the summer, the Everglades closes its camping facilities almost entirely because of the onslaught of mosquitoes. Traps are put up throughout Flamingo where 250,000 mosquitoes a day are collected. (Photo by Tom Ervin/Getty Images)

Summer in New England is in full swing and the mosquitoes are out in full force. So where’s the worst possible place to get bitten?


TMI alert: I spent a week in Maine earlier this summer and was eaten alive. This year’s crop of skeeters seems to be more aggressive than in years past, and they made a meal out of me. I picked up bites on my shins, fingers, arms, and legs. Not to mention two incredibly inconvenient and uncomfortable bites: one on the inside of my thigh, and another on my nipple. Totally gross. And itchy!


So where’s your worst-bite-spot? Vote below, then tweet your horror story. I’m curious to see if any of you have a worse spot than on the nipple.