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Every Friday–just in time for the weekend–we revisit another classic album that’s best listened to in summer.


This week, we roll back to the summer of ’75. Aerosmith released Toys In The Attic, their third full-length, in early April. Lead single “Sweet Emotion” hit the airwaves right before Memorial Day weekend, and follow-up single “Walk This Way” dropped just before Labor Day weekend. Perfect timing, right?


The albums we’ve featured so far this season get their summer status from vibe alone: Sublime, Van Halen, Check Your Head. But in this case, you have an album that pretty much bookended an entire summer. And I’d be willing to bet, if you were alive in the summer of ’75, Toys was a mainstay on your turntable. So pop it back on this summer. You can get started with the tracks below.