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APIA, SAMOA - SEPTEMBER 13: A local vendor stands in his stall selling coconuts and taro at the Apia fruit and vegetable market on September 13, 2015 in Apia, Samoa. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Who knew spelling could be such a turn-on?

There’s a sex tip going viral right now on social media called “spell coconut.”  It’s simple:  When you’re getting-it-on and the lady is on top, the advice is for her to move her hips to spell the word “coconut.”

Please try it out and report back.


"Spell Coconut" Is A Viral Sex Tip That Has Now Turned Into A Meme

There's a viral sex tip going around that has basically turned into a meme. And it involves coconuts. But, like, not literally. The tip is, when you're on top of your partner, to spell the word "coconut" with your hips. Just think about. Yeah. We're on the same page here.